International Relations, Canadian foreign policy, Indigenous governance and self-determination, multi-level diplomacy,
extractive resources, Canada-US relations, Arctic studies, gender.

Book Project

“Who’s in Charge? Indigenous Global Politics and Canada’s Place in the World.”

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Under review. “International Trade and Indigenous Peoples in North America: NAFTA and Beyond.” Submitted to American Review of Canadian Studies.

Forthcoming. “The Model Arctic Council: Simulated negotiations as both pedagogy and embodied diplomacy.” American Review of Canadian Studies (with Brandon Ray, Leehi Yona, Valerie Muzik, Glenn Gambrell and Robert Comeau).

Sarson, Leah. 2017. “La spécialisation disciplinaire et professionnelle basée sur le genre en Relations internationales.” Études internationales 48.1: 83–104.

Sarson, Leah and Asa McKercher. 2016. “Dollars and Sense?: The Harper Government, Economic Diplomacy, and Canadian Foreign Policy.” International Journal 71.3: 351-370. (Winner of the Marcel Cadieux Distinguished Writing Award for best article on Canadian foreign policy.)

Nossal, Kim Richard and Leah Sarson. 2014. “About Face: Explaining Changes in Canada’s China Policy, 2006-2012.” Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 20.2: 146-162.

Book Chapters

Forthcoming. “Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable in Canadian Foreign Policy,” Generations, eds. Brian Bow and Andrea Lane. University of British Columbia Press

Under review. “Finding Community in Feminist International Relations Methodology,” Ten Years of Women in International Security-Canada, eds. Cassandra Steer and Caroline Leprince. McGill-Queen’s Press (with Heather Smith, Maya Eichler, and Sarah Tuckey).

Under review. “Security Governance in the Arctic.” Handbook on Arctic Security, eds. Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv and Horatio Sam-Aggrey. London: Routledge (with Andrew Chater and Wilfrid Greaves).

Book Reviews

Forthcoming. Canada Among Nations: Justin Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Policy, eds. by Norman Hillmer and Philippe Lagassé. In International Journal

Online Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Canada and the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights: A Chance to Re-Engage.” Canada-Asia Commentary 54 (2010). http://www.asiapacific.ca/sites/default/files/filefield/ASEAN_Commentary.pdf.

“Renewing Canadian International Policy Discourse by Highlighting Gendered Voices.” Conference of Defence Associations Institute. 2015. https://www.cdainstitute.ca/en/blog/entry/renewing-canadian-international-policy-discourse-by-highlighting-gendered-voices.